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Top 5 Scooters In India

For quite some time, the Indian scooter market has been quite active. In a country that has been dominated by a huge number of motorcycles,  people are increasingly becoming even more aware of the convenience and comfort of a scooter. As with consumers, manufacturers are more optimistic about scooters than motorbikes. This puts the customer in a very difficult spot. Here are the top 5 scooters in India currently available, to help you sort things out.

1. Burgman Street Suzuki

At the 2018 Auto Expo, Suzuki debuted Burgman Street, and it went on sale in July of that same year. With a big windscreen and LED headlamps arranged on the front apron, the Burgman Street adopts aesthetics like that of a maxi-scooter.

Although it may not be a true maxi-scooter, it is one of the biggest in the market. It features various design and spatial components that influenced maxi scooters. The cause is further advanced by the exposed handlebars, unusual front apron, 21.5-litre storage compartment, and spacious floorboard.

The same 125cc engine used in the Access 125 powers the Suzuki Burgman Street. This engine’s CVT gearbox allows it to produce a maximum torque of 10.2 Nm and a peak output of 8.7 PS. The scooter has 12-inch front and 10-inch rear alloy wheels, telescopic front forks, and a mono-shock unit in the back. The braking system consists of a combined braking system, a front disc brake, and a rear drum brake. The only variant of the Suzuki Burgman is offered for Rs. 72,000.

2.  Aprilia SR 150

The Aprilia SR 150 is a tough-looking scooter that blends the comfort of a scooter with the look of a motorbike. Like the larger displacement European Aprilia scooters, the Aprilia SR 150 has a similar design.

The Indian market benefited greatly from this. The SR 150 scooter being a sensation ever since introduced, especially among younger customers. The scooter is, to put it mildly, rather swift and extremely manoeuvrable in corners. However, due to this, the SR 150 is without a doubt the segment’s most dynamically robust scooter.

The same 154.8cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine that powers 150cc Vespa scooters also powers the Aprilia SR 150. It generates 10.5 PS of power and 11.4 Nm of torque when connected to a CVT gearbox. The features offered are also rather good. A pass switch, angular headlights, pointed taillights, divided grab rails, stylish body decals, and a dual-tone seat are a few examples. Prices for the Aprilia SR 150 starts at 75,000/- and come in three variations.

3. Destini 125

In October 2018, Hero MotoCorp introduced the Destini 125. It is a scooter intended for families which have a straightforward appearance with rounded edges and gentle lines. However, in terms of equipment, it is a pretty loaded scooter. It has a mobile charging port, a boot lamp, a remote key, an external fuel filling cap, a mobile charging port, a semi-digital instrument console with a side-stand indicator, and a service due indicator.

Additionally, it is the first scooter in India to include the “i3s” technology, which is an idle start-stop mechanism. The engine is effectively turned off by this technique when the scooter is stopped for 30 seconds. The engine may be restarted with just a slight pull of the brake, which saves gasoline in normal traffic situations.

A CVT gearbox connect to a 124.6cc engine that powers the Hero Destini 125. The power output from this configuration is 8.6 PS, and the peak torque is 10.2 Nm. On the top-spec version, a front disc brake is an option. CBS is also a basic feature of the scooter. It comes in 2 variations and 4 colour choices.

The Hero Destini’s starting price for the LX variant is Rs. 58,500. The Destiny 125’s top specification adds a few more amenities like a trunk light, a mobile charging port, more body-side chrome trim, dual-tone upholstery, and alloy wheels. Given that it costs Rs. 62,000/- for the VX model, this charges a premium.

4. TVS NTorq

When TVS introduced the NTorq, it did so with a number of market-first features and did an excellent job of appealing to youthful customers. One of the sportiest scooters in India is the TVS NTorq. The NTorq’s design is quite athletic, and its headlights and taillights are extremely crisp.

A special edition NTorq with a distinctive red paint scheme added by TVS to commemorate the sale of one million NTorqs. The NTorq is available in a choice of six conventional colours. The scooter has a comfortable riding position, is sporty, and gets good gas mileage. These factors together have made the TVS NTorq one of the most well-liked scooters in India.

A brand-new 124.79cc single-cylinder, an air-cooled motor connected to a CVT transmission powers the NTorq. This configuration produces 10.5 Nm of torque and 9.4 PS of power. The NTorq has a completely new chassis that is supported by gas-charged mono shocks at the back and telescopic forks up front.

For braking purposes, it has a 130 mm drum unit in the back and a 220 mm petal disc up front. The scooter also includes a fairly user-friendly LCD instrument cluster with close to 55 capabilities, including Bluetooth smartphone connectivity. The price of the TVS NTorq is Rs. 64,000.

5. Honda Grazia

In 2017, Honda introduced the Grazia as a more expensive replacement for the Activa 125. For the same reason, the scooter has better materials and a very attractive design. Honda sought to appeal to young and urban consumers with the Grazia.

Thanks to its cutting-edge appearance and comprehensive equipment list, it was successful in luring customers to Honda showrooms. AHO LED headlights, a completely digital instrument cluster, and a USB mobile charger are just a few of the features available.

The same 124.9cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled single-cylinder Honda Grazia engine powers the Activa 125. The peak power output from this engine, which is coupled to a CVT gearbox, is 8.52 PS, and the peak torque is 10.54 Nm.

Additionally, the scooters have the tried-and-true Honda Eco Technology (HET), which lowers friction in the engine and contributes to increased fuel economy. While being fairly fuel efficient, the Grazia feels incredibly powerful to ride. In actuality, Honda boasts that the Honda Grazia averages 60 km/l. Depending on the version, the Honda Grazia costs between Rs. 61,000 and Rs. 67,000.

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