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Book Your Free Test Ride

SXL Features

Intended For Ever-Youth

The unusual rectangular headlamp lends an air of exclusivity to the legendary Vespa design, and the style and colours are reminiscent of the swinging 1960s.

Top-Notch Performance

You have all the power you require to glide through the streets thanks to the 3 Valve Fuel Injection BSVI Engines. We respect the environment.

Power: 10.47PS @ 7600 rpm - 150CC engine

Power: 9.92PS @ 7500 rpm - 125CC engine


No of your riding style, our consistently dependable brake systems provide safe braking performance on Indian roads.

Let's Go Digital

The computerised console has an odometer, two trip metres, and a display for the time and fuel level. Your vehicle has a nice touch of technology there.


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