Book Your Free Test Ride

Book Your Free Test Ride

VXL Features

Young People's Appeal

It has a unique charm that combines neo-retro styling with sophisticated colour palettes to create a charming debonair on the streets. You've got the ideal eye candy all around.

Powered-Up Ride

Regardless of the route you choose, cruise through the streets with the 3 Valve Fuel Injection BSVI Engines.

Power: 10.47PS @ 7600 rpm - 150CC engine

Power: 9.92PS @ 7500 rpm - 125CC engine

Safe play

Your safety is our top priority, which is why the ABS functionality offers the best braking performance without compromising stability. Just make a pit stop whenever you like.

Let's go Digital

The fuel gauge, time, and odometer on the computerised console all use cutting-edge technology. That ride is definitely tech-inspired.


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